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Profile Photos FAQs

Why are members required to post one primary photo per profile in order to have that profile publicly viewed?

A key goal of is to promote and raise awareness of local artist. We strongly believe that whether a member contributes talent from the stage or from behind-the-scenes operations (and quite often artists fall into both sides), allowing those searching for talent to connect a face with a name and services. In addition to that belief, we strive to keep a consistent look to the site and do not feel it would be visually appealing for some profiles to have primary photos and for others to not.

What is the maximum size photo that a member can upload to a profile?

The maximum size of each photo allowed is 1 MB. Members have the opportunity to post a total of six photos to each talent profile and each must be in the following formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG.

What is's policy on copyrighted material?

As stated in our Terms of Use under the heading Member Submissions, artists agree when completing the "Become a Member" form that they will not post material in their profile that is copyrighted, unless they are the copyright owner or have the permission of the copyright owner to post it.

Can members upload a combination of color and black & white photos to profiles?

Yes. Both color and black and white photos are permitted.

Who are the artists in the Flash movie photos included on the Home page?

The photos on the Home page are of local artists and have been used with their permission. As of March 25, 2005, they are as follows, Rachel Abbey, Herbert Ascherman, Jr., Melissa Barber, Russell Brown, Deviant, Tom Common, Halim El-Dabh, Jeon Francis, Michele George, Chloe Hopson, Julie Konrad, Jill Levin, Walt Mahovlich, Rasheryl McCreary, Michael Medcalf, Linda Meixner, Blaze, Sara Menefee, Amy Miller, Scott Plate, Derek Poindexter, Randy Rollison, DJDQ, D.S. Resch, Joe Ruffner, Diamond Santiago, Debbie Sickle, Clyde Simon, Neil Thackaberry, and Gina Verdi.

Can new members have their photo included in the Flash movie along with the other artist images on the Home page?

Yes. New members can send an e-mail to to request that their primary photo be included along with the other artist images in the Flash movie on the Home page.