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Miscellaneous FAQs

How did the idea to create come about?

The seeds of and many of the short- and long-term goals planned for the site began germinating when Jeon Francis left Cleveland Public Theatre in June 2000 for Playhouse Square Center and Hey City Theater (producing consultant) to serve as a publicist and help launch the Cleveland production of Tony n' Tina's Wedding (which eventually became the longest running show in the history of the Cleveland performing arts community and closed in December 2002 after 801 performances).

Local artists, organizations, companies, and individuals seeking creative talent and resources frequently contacted Mr. Francis for referrals. Over time, multiple, weekly requests became routine, and soon inquiries followed from out-of-towners searching for artists and information about particular talent pools or venues in our region.

These inquiries as well as Mr. Francis' own challenges of finding talent for his personal creative endeavors and his enjoyment from connecting people with one another, led to the development of In an age when the Internet can transfer information to anyone anywhere, the idea of creating an easy-to-use centralized database from which talent seekers could view candidate profiles from the convenience of their own computer appealed to him.

Where does the name come from?

One key idea behind the creation of involves uniting the various disciplines of our artistic community to build relationships, establish connections, and work together toward common goals. The word "chair" in symbolizes the artistic community of Northeast Ohio as a whole. Each leg represents a different medium (e.g., theatre, dance, film, technicians). Although separate and distinct, they "the legs" stand together and support the base of the artistic community "the seat". Remove one "leg" or cultural medium and the stability of the entire artistic community is negatively impacted.

Who are the target audiences of has two target markets: those searching for talent (Find an Artist!) and those offering talent (Be an Artist!). Extensive research conducted by (through discussion groups and one-on-one meetings with artists and arts-related institutions a well as individuals in search of talent and resources) has enabled us to develop a site and service concepts that will meet the demands of our target audiences. For more information on the short- and long-term goals of, please see the question and answer "How will market the site and its members?"

What major cities within Northeast Ohio does currently serve? currently serves the Northeast Ohio region, including the cities of Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Mansfield, and Youngstown; however, the site can be accessed from any geographical location.

How will market the site and its members?

Marketing the site will be a significant factor in attracting to the directory both artists wanting to promote their talent and users in search of talent. Short-term marketing strategies include focusing in on (through direct mail campaigns and other forms of communication) corporate business departments that organize employee holiday and pther year-around events, new employee training videos, the design of promotional and marketing materials, etc., and making them aware that exists.

Other plans include targeting wedding fairs, malls and shopping center villages (e.g., Crocker Park, Legacy Village, ETON Chagrin Boulevard), churches, event coordinators, and event and banquet facilities (e.g., Landerhaven, Myers University Club, Windows on the River, Shoreby Club). Strategies also include cross-promotional ad placement, free press, and advertisement displays in vacant storefront window spaces throughout the region. We are also in the process of outlining a long-term marketing strategy, which will include branding with a mascot that will represent the site at parades, theatre show openings, and other cultural events.

Who took the image of the chair used throughout the Website and on much of the promotional materials?

Teri Dixon is the artist who is credited with photographing the image of the chair. has secured the rights to use the image.