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Main & Sub Talent Fields FAQs

How were the existing main talent fields and subcategories chosen?

During the development stages of, various multi-disciplined artists, arts-related institutions, and those who search for talent were approached to review and provide feedback in the form of one-on-one meetings, focus groups, and submitted responses on the ideas surrounding the development of the site.

How often will new talent categories be introduced?

Currently there is no set schedule; however, with the help of local artists knowledgeable in the particular field, the following main and subcategories are in the process of developed and will be introduced soon.

  • Educators (subcategories To be announced)
  • Fund Raising (subcategories To be announced)
  • Wardrobe (subcategories To be announced)

How will new talent fields, services, and features be chosen? plans to introduce new talent fields, services, and features based on the needs and requests of our members and users. Both parties are encouraged to submit comments and suggestions and can do so by e-mailing; however, members will determine through a voting process which new talent fields, services, and features will be introduced into the site based on popular vote. When artists join as members and complete their "Become a Member" account information form, they are automatically registered to receive the From the Desk of Jeon Francis Member Alert, which informs them of policy changes and membership news as well as new talent fields, services, and features that may be up for vote. Each member will be granted one vote (based on the e-mail address listed in their private account information). All other Member Alert check boxes are optional and can be changed at any time simply by visiting the member's account page.