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Costs FAQs

Are any costs incurred by either searching for talent or by becoming a member and posting profiles?

No. There are no required costs involved with those that want to find an artist or be an artist; however, a donation to help off-set some of the development and ongoing expenses is requested from those able to do so, but this is not required. Donations from "Arts" supporters are welcomed too. As grows and additional talent fields, services, and features are added, an annual membership fee for artists to post their talent and services may be introduced; however, we intend to keep the services offered on the site accessible and free to artists and our users for as long as possible. If this were to ever change, our members and users would be informed of the shift prior to it going into effect.

Who financed the development of

Following unsuccessful attempts to secure financial funds through various resources, Mr. Francis made personal sacrifices (i.e., a hold on certain house projects and household furniture in need, no vacations for the last two years, and no lavish self rewards) in order to finance the development of a rudimentary version of his plan. The strong passion and confidence Mr. Francis felt about the vision and goals of combined with his belief that such a multi-disciplined directory was very much in need, led him to make these self sacrifices. Plans to revisit and introduce the other services and features outlined in Mr. Francis' original plan will be addressed as grows. For more information on these ideas, please view: Future Development of

What costs were incurred during the development of

Costs incurred to develop the directory include Incorporation and attorney fees, hiring a web programmer to build the back-end database component of the site, commissioning the web firm to design and create the HTML for the overall look of the site and the web pages, rights to use the chair image (the signature photo of, rights to the domain and pointer names, hosting fee, copy editor, tax accountant, printing of promotional and marketing materials, office supplies, postage, e-mail and Internet services, food and materials used at focus groups, and other various expenses associated with the development.

What are the ongoing expenditures of

In addition to the expense of developing, ongoing expenditures will include fees for office supplies, the designing and printing of promotional and marketing materials, postage, e-mail and Internet services, hosting (annual fee), rights to use the domain and pointer names (annual fee), tax accountant services, legal services, website maintenance, and the expense of designing, building, and introducing new talent fields, services, and features into the site.